Radical Experience

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Radical Options & Upgrades

The Following Options are available to personalize your Radical just the way you like it:

Radical Color Chart (PDF)

Cool Radical Liveries & Data Installs (Photo Gallery)


  • 1500cc 260bhp for SR3 , SR4, PR6
  • 1585cc 280bhp for SR3 , SR4, PR6
  • Powertec Tuned Honda 2.0L engine up to 300bhp
  • 3.2L Powertec RPC V8 engine – 500bhp for SR8 RX
  • Hot Climate Cooling System


  • Pneumatic paddle-activated gear shift system w/ auto-blip, quick shift 4th, 5th & 6th gear set
  • Alternative gear ratio sets – long & short tracks


  • Lightweight carbon composite bodywork
  • Carbon Composite hi-downforce race rear wing, end plates & wing support.
  • Carbon composite hi-downforce twin front dive planes
  • Lemans style carbon composite mirrors
  • Race lighting set – twin driving headlights, triple rear lights & indicators
  • Clear rear light lens
  • Radical Graphics set


  • 280mm x 25mm “floating” 48 vane disc brakes front and/or rear – saves 1Kg.

Shock Absorbers:

  • Single adjustable bespoke titanium mono-tube shock absorbers
  • Triple adjustable bespoke titanium mono-tube shock absorbers

Fuel System:

  • 77 liter (20 US gal) foam filled aluminum fuel tank
  • FIA specification 77Liter (20 US gal) fuel cell
  • Dry break re-fueling system (including dump can & stand)

Safety Equipment & Misc:

  • Forward stay head protectors - FIA shock absorbing foam
  • Carbon composite head restraint FIA shock absorbing foam
  • Ultrasmith adjustable headrest to helmet pad
  • 3 Zone Electrically-activated fire extinguisher system
  • AMB Race Transponder
  • Motorola Race radio system w/ ant, PTT switch, helmet mic & ear buds, crew radio & headset
  • Geartronics large digit gear indicator
  • Ultrasmith Racing Full Race Preparation / setup
  • Spare center lock lightweight race wheels
  • Dunlop Racing Wet Tires
  • Air jack system with lance & hose kit

Cockpit & Seating

  • Passenger 3” wide six point seat belt - FIA approved
  • Scroth 2” wide Hans compatible race harness - FIA approved
  • Vinyl driver & passenger padded seat inserts
  • Single Hi-sided composite race seat
  • Low sided (wide) dual composite race seat instead of standard dual hi-sided
  • Ultrasmith Racing drivers dead pedal & raised anti slip pedal box floor

Data Loggers:

  • Traqmate data logger system w/ display, GPS module, and ChaseCam video option
  • Stack Dash display system w/ analog tach, LCD engine vitals, lap timer & corner speed memory
  • Steering wheel mounted dash & data logger w/ beacon & performance prediction
  • AIM EVO 3 steering wheel data logger w/ LCD display or MXL Pista high performance digital dash, 4 programmable buttons, 8mb memory, five channels plus one wheel speed channel, throttle position, brake pressure & steering angle sensor, integrated 2 axis G sensor, bullet video camera w/ Chase Cam digital recorder.
  • Suspension logging option for any of the above loggers